About the Author

ANNETTE FUSON is an electrifying, motivating speaker with a powerful message. Her passion is to assist teens in making wise choices by preparing them before each “decision-making moment” occurs. Annette addresses such decisions as 
understanding emotions, handling problems, and dealing with
bad situations. She speaks to the importance of recognizing con- trolling behavior by boyfriends or girlfriends. Annette believes that today’s young women have many challenges: therefore, they need as many advantages as possible to make it to adulthood successfully. Many of these strategies are com- piled in her book, Straight Talk for Teenage Girls.

 Entertaining, up-beat and sharp witted, Annette draws on over 20 years’ teaching experience as she goes straight to the heart of issues, giving practical ideas for facing challenges. When speak- ing to teens, she gives suggestions to help relieve their stress and to motivate them to make good decisions. When speaking to adults,  whether parents,  counselors,  or educators,  she offers unique ideas for supporting their teens. Annette’s purpose is to inspire teens and adults to wisely deal with the issues that will impact the rest of their lives. 

Annette holds a BS in Education and a MA in Management from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She lives in Morgan’s Point Resort, Texas with her husband. They have a daughter and granddaughter

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