“As a mother, I found “Straight Talk for Teenage Girls” to have a fountain of ideas for teens who need to get involved.  The chapters were short and packed full of common sense information every daughter could use, even boys could benefit.  The author is not offensive and talks with the girl, not at her.” …Cindy Z. mother of 2 girls and 2 boys

“Straight Talk for Teenage Girls” is full of ideas to use as a teaching tool.  The case situation in each chapter allows a teacher to encourage discussion for or against without intimidating the teen.  The author is not judgmental and encourages girls to make good decisions.  She handles hard subjects with humor and positive messages.”…Marge B. teacher

“I was impressed by the clean, positive and to the point message.  It is obvious the author knows teen girls’ wants and needs.  The question and answer chapter and situations make for a lively discussion in the classroom or at home.  As a Sunday school teacher, also, I found an abundance of information to use.”… Elaine K, mother and teacher

“The book is simple to understand and very realistic.  It is a great resource for girls of all ages.  In the quizzes, you learn how to deal with bad choices and to improve yourself.”…Charlotte H. 17 years old